guide to photomatix hdr software photography 2012

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HDR Tutorials,Guide To HDR Photography

Photomatix is a software used to convert pictures into HDR, High dynamic Range.
It’s a techniques used more and more by photographers to enhance those details, hidden in the shadows and highlights.

:bulletblue: Easily Create Great HDR Photos Online [link]
:bulletblue: How To: HDR Photography CS5 at DPS [link]
:bulletblue: How To Use Luminance by – HTU no1 by *TiKy2010 [link]
:bulletblue: A brilliant beginning-to-end tutorial from member *CharlieMacBell [link]
:bulletblue: Photomatix from A to Z by ~Initio [link]
:bulletblue: HDRi at Wikipedia [link]
:bulletblue: Photomatix software overview and examples [link]
:bulletblue: HDR Tutorial using Photomatix [link]
:bulletblue: HDR tutorial in Photoshop CS2 by ~gameplayer529 [link]
:bulletblue: HDR tutorial in Photoshop CS3 [link]
:bulletblue: HDR Tutorials Roundup [link]
:bulletblue: HDR tutorial by ~srpsrds [link]
:bulletblue: HDR Landscape Photography Tutorial [link]
:bulletblue: HDR Images with The GIMP by ~kinkowski [link]
:bulletblue: Photomatix Tutorial – HDR by =nemisis11 [link]
:bulletblue: HDR and Tonemapping [link]
:bulletblue: Photomatix Tutorial by *adamsik [link]
:bulletblue: Podcasts on HDR from Pro Photography Show
Part 1 [link]
Part 2 [link]
:bulletblue: HDR Tutorial by ~JackMcIntyre [link]
:bulletblue: The HDR Handbook [link]
:bulletblue: Digital Photography Tutorials from Cambridge in Colour [link]
:bulletblue: Online Depth of Field Calculator [link]
:bulletblue: Golden Hour for Dawn and Dusk Shots [link]
:bulletblue: Guide to HDR Photography sent in from =BiOzZ [link]


Yes, some of these tutorials are a bit dated, but they can be helpful to understand the technique. Again, comments on updated tutorials are welcomed and appreciated.

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