Dynamic Photo-HDR Lost Registration Code

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We created this friendly application CodeBOT which will fetch your lost registration code almost instantly. All what it takes is to send CodeBOT an e-mail to its own address.

CodeBOT has his very own e-mail which he checks every minute or so. (Yes, even THAT thing can have his own e-mail address these days)
Dynamic Photo-HDR:All you need to do is to send him an e-mail to lostcode@rogers.com from the e-mail account you used during registration (important!) and put a Subject Lost Code so he knows it isn’t a spam.

GMAIL users
Gmail seems to automatically place most e-mails with some kind of link inside (such as link to update, download or full version) into the spam folder of your gmail. CodeBOT often sends e-mail with a link to the software so if you use gmail, search for the response in the spam folder.

It reads the e-mail, search all databases and the result will be send to you. Also don’t get too personal with it…

Info 1: It is vital that you use the same e-mail address as during registration because that’s what the little BOT is looking for. Also the subject must be Lost Code otherwise BOT will ignore it as a spam.
Info 2: CodeBOT will send messages only to the address from which it received the “lost code” e-mail and this same address will be also used to look-up the registration info in database.
Info 3: If you no longer use the e-mail you used during registration, then CodeBOT will be not able to help you, you need to contact us directly (see further down).


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