dynamic photo hdr coupon-dynamic photo hdr Orders and Processing

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dynamic photo hdr Orders and Processing

The registration process is automatic and it runs outside our servers through SWREG or REGSOFT. The order is processed using their own secure servers. The credit card information never leaves those secure servers. In fact even we cannot see your credit card number in any way.
dynamic photo hdr coupon???Vast number of orders are processed without any issue daily but following is what to do if you have a problem.

Here are the most common questions:

What should I expect after ordering?
If you ordered a software through REGSOFT you should receive an e-mail within few minutes with the order number. When the order is approved (it may be within another few minutes, but it can take also few hours) you will receive another e-mail with either registration number or download link.
If you ordered through SWREG you should receive e-mail with the serial number or download link. (Usually within few minutes after order). Paypal orders may take longer.

I didn’t receive any e-mail
If you didn’t receive any e-mail from SWREG or REGSOFT at all, a common problem is a spam filter in the e-mail client. Please search in your client all your mail folders including trash, junk or spam for SWREG or REGSOFT words. In most cases the mail will be there.
In very few cases the order simply didn’t go through for a technical reason.

I checked everything, but still no e-mail!!!
You checked spam folder, it has been a 24 hours and still no e-mail: Try the CodeBOT below. CodeBOT receives a copy of your registration e-mails and it can forward it to you. CodeBOT usually responds within 10 minutes.
If still nothing, don’t worry, please use contact form on the bottom of this page and we will manually check what is going on.

I ordered Bundles
If you order a bundle you may actually receive several e-mails each for one item in the bundle. It may happen that you receive some in regular mail IN folder but few may end up in the spam, trash or junk folder due to agresive spam filter settings. Again search for the SWREG or REGSOFT words in all your mail folders.

Order page shows that the order remains Unprocessed
If your order remains unprocessed after few days, a most common cause is that the charge on card has been declined by your bank because of incomplete data. You can try to resubmit the order or contact regsoft or swreg directly. (For security reason we have no access to your credit card data nor we can see the reason why the order has been declined)

Duplicate Order
If you made a duplicate order by mistake – don’t be alarmed, we got some orders like this every month. It is very easy to send refund and there is no time-limit for refunds, we can process the refunds even months after the original duplicate charge.

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