Download Photomatix Plug-in 2.1 for Aperture

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Photomatix HDR Plug-In for Aperture

1-Jul-12 – Updated in v2.1
–    Addition of 20 built-in presets.
–    Filtering of preset thumbnails by category.
–    Options for alignment, deghosting, and reduction of noise and chromatic aberrations are now set on a dialog showing after having invoked the plug-in on bracketed images.
–    Changes in the Details Enhancer algorithm aimed at addressing the issue of difference between the preview and final image that may occur in some cases.
–    Ability to resize the window to a smaller size to fit into the display of a 11″ MacBook Air.

Installation instructions:
1.     Go to the place where you downloaded the plug-in (by default your ‘Downloads’ folder) and open the folder named ‘PhotomatixPlugin 2.1’.
2.     You can either choose to manually install the plug-in or to use the installer:
Manual Install
Move the file PhotomatixPlugIn.ApertureEdit to:
~/Library/Application Support/Aperture/Plug-Ins   (where ‘~’ is your User home directory)
In case there is no ‘Plug-Ins’ folder in “Application Support/Aperture”, create the folder manually.
Managed Install
Double-click on the file InstallerPhotomatixPlugInForAperture
3.     Start or restart Aperture.
4.     Select bracketed photos on the browser or the viewer.
5.     Control-click (or right-click), select Edit With and then Photomatix HDR

Download Photomatix Plug-in 2.1 for Aperture

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