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30-Apr-12: Photomatix Pro 4.2 released. Updates include preset thumbnails display options, improved preview size controls, and Finishing Touch adjustments for contrast and sharpening.

Photomatix 4.2 has been released.  This is a medium upgrade.  Speed, 20 new presets (that kick ass), and many bug fixes.  Get it!

Size: 8 MB
Platform: Windows/Mac

I’ve downloaded and tried the new version of Photomatix.

I was wondering what everyone’s opinion was of the new features.

Their sharpening seems to be well done. Selective editing is also a feature.

– Display options for preset thumbnails: View at a larger size or in two columns, and filtering built-in presets by category.
– Simplified size options on Preview dialog: Size ratio mechanism replaced by magnifier icons for zooming in or out at 20% increments.
– “Finishing Touch” palette for post-processing a tonemapped or fused image: Options for increasing contrast, adjusting the saturation of individual colors, and sharpening.
– Addition of 20 built-in presets.
– New fusion method designed to produce natural-looking rendering of interiors with bright windows. This method is called Fusion/Realistic and is only accessible in batch mode. Note that Fusion/Realistic requires much longer processing times than the other methods.
– Transfer of all EXIF metadata in the source photos to the tonemapped or fused image.


– Option to import presets. The option is accessible from the Preset Category combo-box when the “My Presets” tab is selected.
– Changes in the Details Enhancer algorithm aimed at addressing the issue of difference between the preview and final image that may occur in some cases.
– Custom presets can now be organized in groups. Presets belonging to a group are listed under a sub-menu of the Preset combo-box list of the Setting Adjustments dialog, as well as on the Preset Category combo-box of the Preset Thumbnails panel when the “My Presets” tab is selected.
– Option in Batch of Bracketed Photos for reducing the size of the output files, and adding contrast and sharpening.
– Added support for Raw files from the Canon S100, 5D Mark III and G1 X, Nikon D4 and D800, Panasonic GX1, Fuji X10 and Sony NEX-7.
– Various small improvements to the dialog for entering EVs that is showing when the source photos do not contain exif metadata or when one or more exposures are the same. In the latter case, the dialog now lists the exposure information read from the EXIF metadata.
– In Naming Options of Batch Bracketed Photos, ability to only use the name of the first file in the bracketed set to compose the file name of the combined image.
– File created in batch mode is automatically renamed if a file with the same file name already exists.
– Added detection of DNG files saved with Fast Load Data option, returning an error message when loading them instead of processing incorrectly.
– Made watermark removal accessible to licensed users of Photomatix Essentials and Photomatix HDR Plug-In for Aperture.
– Made the position of histogram, preview and settings windows remembered when quitting, and restored next time the program is used.
– In Batch Bracketed Photos, increased the number of images that may be processed at a time to 17.
– Bug fixed: Preset thumbnails were not color managed.
– Bug fixed: Tone mapping large single files could fail because of insufficient memory.
– Bug fixed: When tone mapping with selection replacement, crash sometimes occurred when tone mapping again after having undone the tone mapping.
– Bug fixed: Using Undo in Fusion/Natural settings caused Fusion/Intensive settings to be reset to their default values, and vice versa.
– Bug fixed: TIFF files larger than 2GB could not be accessed.
– Bug fixed: Cropping an image with a crop area that included the right or bottom boundary could cause incorrect results or a crash.
– Bug fixed: Zooming into or out of an image sometimes did not work correctly.
– Bug fixed: SWR file extension was not accepted as valid Raw file extension.

Get the update here:

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