Do photomatix pro need to buy a second license if I install Photomatix on another computer?

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One license entitles you to install and register Photomatix Pro on other computers you use. The same applies to Photomatix Pro Plus, Photomatix Light and/or the Photoshop and Aperture plugins if you purchased a license of those software.
However, a license is limited to one user. This means you will need to buy an additional license if you wish to install and register the software for another user (unless the other user is your spouse or close family member, as we make an exception in such cases).
The other computer may run on any of the two supported platforms. That is, if you have bought a license for Photomatix Pro for Windows for instance, you may use your license for the Mac OS X platform version of Photomatix Pro, provided the user of the software is the same. However, if you purchased Photomatix Pro before version 2.4, the license key will be different (see question below).
If you are on Windows, you can of course install the 64-bit edition of the software on the other computer, regardless of which edition you had installed on the first computer. The license you bought is for Photomatix Pro — it entitles you to install and register any edition (i.e. 32- or 64-bit) or platform version (i.e. Windows or Mac) of our software.

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