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Am a D5100 n00b. Actually it is my first DSLR. I found this setting in the menu, but it seems to be disabled. I read somewhere that it is enabled only when you shoot in a JPEG only mode (so you cant use it when you are shooting in RAW). However, I’m not able to enable it even after going to JPEG only mode. So now I am stuck! How did you enable it in the first place?

nikon d5100 hdr not available, I apologize if this is a newb question but I would like to experiment with HDR and I understand that some cameras (including the D5100 I believe) have the capability of taking a burst of 3 different shots at different exposures (say the basic -1, 0 +1)?

Could someone please direct me on where to find this?

I found the BRT on the lower right corner of my info screen and I have options to choose from but when I select it, it only seems to take one picture. Is this the right thing or something different?

D5100 hdr,Anyway, thank you in advance! (I know I can just manually change it myself)

Press the button to edit and change BKT from off to whatever level of bracketing you want, set your camera to continuous shots, and hold down the shutter it will take 3 shots and stop with the three different exposure levels (you can’t set bracketing on auto mode, so use P or whatever you prefer)

The D5100 also has a pseudo-HDR mode using the effects settings. It takes 2 shots, not the usual 3, whilst IIRC only opening the shutter once, then merges the images. You can chose the EV difference between the 2 shots. I’ve not yet got round to playing with this feature on my D5100. It also only produces the output file in JPG, no RAW image is saved even if you have the camera set to RAW+JPG .

This is a 3 bracketed exposures (-2 ev, 0 ev and +2 ev) merged using photomatix.
The result it’s great balanced shot in terms of light, i mean no blown highlights, no clipped shadows…
The using of a tripod it’s a must unless you taking your shots in a bright day because the +2 EV could be too slow for hand held photography. Using the tripod you have to turn off the VR, set the the camera to A mode and choose the desire f number ( i use F10 or 11 in order to try to get everything in focus), set manual WB and turn off ADL, and once you have focused the subject, set the focus to manual .


HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Exquisite detail in highlight and shadow

In scenes with extreme contrasts, such as bright, sunlit clouds and a foreground deep in shadow, it was once quite difficult to render the textures of both equally. Not any more. D5100 combines two exposures to create an image revealing an extremely wide dynamic range, but with less noise and richer color gradation than ever before.

New Nikon D5100 – Built in HDR mode – Cheating?

As above. I personally would lose satisfaction with doing HDR shots if it had it built in to the camera.

I love taking the different exposures, heading home and adjusting them in CS5. It’s sad, but you never know what your going to get. Having a built in HDR mode kind of takes the fun away from taking HDR pics in my opinion.

D5100 hdr,It reminds me of Olympus’ “dramatic skies” art filter – it’s something that looks like HDR, but it isn’t really. In the case of the D5100, they claim that in the HDR mode two exposures are taken for every one press of the shutter button (which makes it sound to me like they’re just ISO bracketing), and that the two exposures are then blended. Two exposures is better than one, but don’t most of us here consider three to be the minimum you need to work with?

The way I see it, it’s a feature that will get people into HDRs. We here are used to something a bit more sophisticated and with a bit more control, so we won’t use it. No loss to us. Those of us who shoot and process our own raws aren’t put out just because camera JPEG engines keep putting in new processing options 🙂

Well, it was inevitable that manufacturers would start integrating “automatic” HDR generation into cameras.

I see this as good for exactly the target market: Those who like gimmicky in-camera tricks because they just want something “neat,” but lack the skill or desire to put any real effort into it.

For the rest of us, something like this will prove too limiting.

It’s two exposures with a stated maximum range of 3EV. And by using in-camera processing of the images, it’s going to limit any user creativity in the processing.

So yeah, it will remove the fun for the likes of “us,” but will be a blast for the people who like all of the other in-camera tricks out there that are often found in point-and-shoots.

nikon d5100 how to use hdr,Let’s wait until some sample images surface then we can further discuss…. 😀

what has been said is theoretically correct .. ie 2 shots probably wont give enough range for what can be done with raw and multiple bracketing…

one thing though… deeeeeep down inside you.. are you really saying by having the hdr tools built into camera as destroying the enjoyment one can get from tinkering on CS5/photomatix/HDRefexpro etc?

or are you actually afraid that now, everyone can/may be able to do nice HDR stuff ?
eg you have an edge to working with HDR. your friends, colleagues admire your work…
then suddenly everyone around you including your kid can now pull out something similar at a fraction of the time you spend..

nikon d5100 how to use hdr,eg you head out with another person with the camera. both are competent users. you take 3-9 shots of the scene.. the other person clicks too. your aunt comes along and ask how was it…
you say erm will show you later.
the other person goes see this is what i got…
he/she gets the immediate praises..
you get left out. 😛

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  1. I’m using DxO Optix for RAW and there is many possibilities to use HDR with all functions required. Presets are taken from the camera/lens module and can be fully customised.I think that in RAW-processing in the software there is not to complicated to work with two or three different exposures to get the best of the picture while JPG-shots have to be “welded” in camera software or PS, Elements or others.

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