Can I switch my photomatix Windows license to photomatix Mac key? (or vice-versa)

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Yes. In fact, you do not need to switch your license as the license allows you to install the software on another computer, regardless of its platform as explained above.
photomatix Windows license ,However, license keys differ depending on the platform version if you have purchased Photomatix Pro and if it was before version 2.4, i.e. before April 2007. You will need in this case to contact us to request the key for the other platform. If you have purchased Photomatix Bundle or Photomatix Light, then the license key is the same on both platforms.
Please note that you will still have to choose between one of the two platform versions of the software when ordering a license (which is just because we need to track sales per platform). The purchased license will be valid for both platforms, though you may have to request the license key for the other platform as explained above.

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