Best HDR Video Tutorials 2010 in Youtube

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Since I have confessed my love for high dynamic range (HDR) photography a couple of times already on this blog, I thought this would be a good time to list some of the best HDR tutorials that I have seen on Youtube.

Secrets of Amazing HDR Photography

What I like about this tutorial is it assumes the viewer has no prior knowledge to what HDR is and how it can be used.  So instead of just showing how to stack the images, and then adjust it in the HDR software it shows everything from square one.  This is an excellent tutorial for beginners.  What this tutorial covers is: what HDR is, how you can do it with your camera, recommended software packages to process your pictures to make HDR, and it tells you forums and other places where you can chat with like minded people about HDR.

Complete HDR Photo How-To Tutorial

This touts itself as a comprehensive HDR tutorial, and while I think it is a good tutorial overall 10 minutes isn’t nearly enough time to label it complete or comprehensive.  What I like about this tutorial is he walks the viewer through his work flow in HDR.  He starts with the camera, explains what it takes in camera and then moves to his software of choice Photomatix Pro and Photoshop.

Photoshop HDR Tutorial

Now this isn’t a true HDR tutorial, no matter what the author says.  True HDR stars with at least two images that are bracketed in the camera.  So this tutorial explains pseudo HDR, or how to fake it if you only have one exposure. This tutorial is a detailed look at how to take one image inside of photoshop and create a pseudo HDR effect with it.

How to : Make HDR picture using Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Photomatix Pro 3

Again, this is not a true HDR tutorial, but a pseudo HDR tutorial.  The methods differ in this one from the previous one.  And if I was going to make a pseudo HDR tutorial I would do something very similar to the methods that are featured here.

This is a good sampling of tutorials.   They review a wide variety of techniques and software, and can really help a wide range of people.

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