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I have been using HDR Photomatix for two years now, and must say this current 4.0 version is the most significant improvement that I have seen.I have been using the 4.0 version on Mac OS 10.5.8 for about a week now and find the new features all working as advertised. I especially like the expanded noise reduction options, as well as the improved quality of noise reduction. I would still like to see the zoom window feature improved a bit.
best hdr tool, Photomatix is easy ang great for alignment and the controls are “intuitive”, it has more “models” (detail enhancer, exposure fusion and a thir one I don’t remember the name).
Ghosting control is “so-so” because it’s automatic.

DHDR is great for ghosting control since you have to do it (masking elements). This one is not as intuitive but it’s easier to grasp. It has more “settings” but in only one “model”. I find the output of this one very colorful and attractive.
it’s done by mediachance (the creator of the photo painter, very nice things there!)

A final note, sometimes I’ve create several HDR images from this two softwares and photoshop and there’s no clear winner as there are many more options (interfan comes to mind).
Once I created an HDR in photomatix, then in hdr tools DHDR and ended up blending them together and getting a really nice effect.

best hdr tool HDR Photomatix pro vs CS5 HDR

Hi, Well and this JMO, Photomatix costs about $99 or £70 how much is HDR worth to you and by that I mean PS5 going for around $600 I beleive or $300+ for an upgrade so unless you are a pro photographer or you win lottery I would say stick with Photomatix.

HDR tool in CS5 does not look good. I think that the quality of the HDR tool is definitely below of the CS5 quality.

My question is with CS5’s de-ghosting. After having used Photomatix deghosting, it usually brings back the noise from the single file in the deghosted areas or however photomatix deghosts. I’m assuming they’ve been doing what CS5 is offering. In anycase, the option to pick which exposure to use for deghosting sounds hugely interesting in that maybe we can now pick an exposure that is exposed to the right for the ghosted areas. Maybe this will help reduce the noise in the ghosted areas?

Shouldn’t we wait until CS5 has been released before we worry about which one is better? At the moment all we have is views from people who have used the beta version, and there’s no guarantee that they use the best hdr tool Photomatix all that much to make a decent comparison. And even if they did then there’s no way they could have used CS5 as much as they have used Photomatix to make a fair comparison.

I guess what I’m trying to say is let’s just wait till both products are available before we jump to any conclusions.

Using photoshop just for HDR would be a waste. But . . . photoshop has far more tools than Photomatix. It’s not a fair comparison if you look at the bigger picture (no pun intended)

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