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By Gavin  Apr, 29, 2011   Posted in HDR News

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range – which probably doesn’t mean a whole lot to many of you. Essentially there are limitations with traditional technology that only allow your camera to expose for certain aspects of a given scene.

Best HDR Software 2011 HDR photography has a certain reputation, that isn’t nessecarly correct.  When people think of HDR they invision a photo that looks over processed and cartoon like.  Some HDR can look like this when it is tone mapped very aggressivly and many people perfer photos that look that way.

An HDR photo is actually a series of multiple images combined together using Best HDR Software 2011

A basic composition consists of three separate images taken of the exact same scene. The first image is properly exposed, capturing all of the mid-tones of the scene. The second photo is underexposed in order to capture the shadows. The third photo is over exposed, which allows you to get all of the highlights of the image.

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