Advice for shooting HDR virtual tours? When a beginner and using a 360º one-shot lens

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Do you have any advice for shooting virtual tours? I’m a beginner and using a 360º one-shot lens.

· Select a small aperture (e.g. f/8 or higher f-stop number if you camera supports it). This is important to ensure a sufficient depth of field with one-shot systems.
· Select a low ISO setting (e.g. 100).
· Set your camera in Aperture Priority mode, so that only the exposure times (i.e. shutter speed) vary when you are taking the bracketed shots.
· Select Auto Exposure Bracketing (in continuous shooting mode). The camera will automatically vary the shutter speed and shoot the scene at different exposures.
· Set the stop spacing for auto-bracketing at +/-2. If this is not possible with your camera, +/- 1.5 should be still OK. If the maximum stop-spacing on your camera is lower than that, you will have to vary the exposure times manually.
· Make sure to take enough exposures to correctly cover the dynamic range of the room. If there is a bright window, you will probably need 5 exposures spaced by two EVs or even more (which means you will have to bracket twice if your camera can not take more than 3 autobracketed frames in 2 EV steps).
· If there is a bright window, it is a good idea to switch on all available lighting in the room.
For a good quality panorama, we recommend stitching multiple views rather than using a one-shot system.

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