Beautiful HDR photos of Qingdao airliner in China

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Qingdao International Airport Group Co., Ltd. Qingdao Liuting former civil aviation airports, according to the State Council on civil aviation with the spirit of reform in 2003, to pay the Qingdao Municipal Government for dependency management. In 2006, the Qingdao International Airport Group Co., Ltd. formally incorporated, the state-owned sole proprietorship, capital 1.1 billion, comprising 21 departments and 11 sub-subsidiaries, employs 3,000 people.

Qingdao Airport in 1982, Jian Zhan resume service. At present, the airport flight zone grade 4E, the apron area of 44 square meters, 14 boarding bridges, seats 44. The airport terminal area is 12 million square meters to meet the 12 million annual passenger trips, stocking post 200 thousand tons, 5120 passengers in peak-hour passenger transport demand. Qingdao Airport total of 82 domestic routes and international (regional) routes 12, Mastery 50 cities nationwide, and Seoul, Tokyo and Hong Kong eight international (regional) urban. Since 2004, Qingdao airport to an annual increase of 1 million person-times of rapid development in 2008 achieved throughput of 8.2 million passenger trips, cargo and mail throughput of 130,000 tons.

In 2008, the Qingdao airport to grid, the security system, and international service standards, the successful completion of resistance to snow disaster relief, disaster relief, General Secretary Hu Jintao’s special plane, the Olympic flame plane, as well as Olympic Regatta and residual Olympic Regatta in air transport protection mandate, received the International Olympic Committee, the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, the Civil Aviation Authority and the Qingdao municipal government fully affirmed and highly appraised by the State Council awarded the “Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympic Games to protect the advanced group” title.

At the national civil aviation and Qingdao municipal government under the guidance of Qingdao airport will focus on the airport long-term development plan, accelerating the second runway and the construction of the new airport site feasibility studies, efforts to build a passenger and cargo transportation, life services, flight management and aircraft maintenance and other functions integrated airports, airport construction of Qingdao in northern China region “the most feature-complete, the most beautiful environment, transit the most convenient and most reliable service” in a modern international airport.

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