27 inch i5 quad core Imac photography speed test Photomatix test vs old PC

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Mfarhanonline Videos News Blog www.dombowerphoto.blogspot.com hahhahahahaahaha oh how it cracks me up how people start mac vs pc wars and also “thats not a fair test” complaints. this is not meant to be a fair test. many people watching this will be thinknig of upgrading, like what I did, and this is showing the kind of performance increase i was able to get from going from a fairly standard laptop pc to this mac. It is not meant to be a fair comparison nor am i comparing apples with apples. this is for people who wonder what kind of performance increase they can get if they up grade substantially. for photographers this will give them a rough idea of the speed increase in this video i check the speed my new mac is compared to my old 1.9ghz 3gb laptop pc. my new computer is the 27 inch 2.66ghz i5 intel quad core imac. the test i am using is 7 raw images 14 bit uncompressed merged in photomatix to make an hdr photo.

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