2011 hdr efex pro review: hdr efex pro trial

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188 pages Adobe PDF eBook (PDF files on CD-ROM) for PC or Mac. The Photographer’s Guide to HDR Efex Pro covers: – Field techniques for HDR imaging – How to navigate the HDR Efex Pro interface – How to use HDR Efex Pro as a stand-alone application – HDR Methods: what they are and how to choose one – Global Adjustments – Selective Adjustments with Control Points – Natural HDR Recipes for indoor and outdoor scenes – Artistic HDR Recipes for indoor and outdoor scenes – Black & White HDR – Single-image tone-mapping – Panoramic HDR – 14 Custom HDR Presets for HDR Efex Pro HDR tone-mapping is a process by which multiple images of the same scene are blended together to capture a wider range of highlight and shadow detail than what a single exposure could produce.
With the HDR Efex Pro application, photographers can create image styles that range from hyper-realistic to incredibly surreal. What Dr. Odell and Mr. Sweet bring to the table are real-world explanations of every tool found in the software. More importantly, the two photographers add their insight on how and why to use each tool, rather than just define their function.
“Every aspect of Nik’s HDR Efex Pro was explored, explained, and illustrated,” says co-author Tony Sweet. “From the beginner to the experienced, this book is the essential companion to HDR Efex Pro.” Table of Contents: Introduction to High Dynamic Range Photography Welcome to HDR Efex Pro The HDR Efex Pro Interface Working with HDR Efex Pro HDR Efex Pro Quick-Start Guide Image Alignment Ghost Removal Image Adjustment Tools Tone Compression Global Adjustments HDR Methods Selective Adjustments Finishing Adjustments HDR Presets HDR Efex Pro Editing Workflow Creating Fine Art High Dynamic Range Images Natural HDR Recipes HDR Gallery 1: Natural HDR Artistic HDR Recipes HDR Gallery 2: Artistic HDR Black & White HDR Recipes HDR Gallery 3: Black and White HDR Other HDR Techniques

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  • Publisher: Jason Odell (2011)
This review is from: The Photographer’s Guide to HDR Efex Pro by Jason P. Odell and Tony Sweet (Tutorial eBook – PDF files on CD-ROM – for HDR Efex Nik Software) (DVD-ROM)

I purchased both the eBook and the video tutorials (from Jason Odell) for HDR Efex Pro. I find the eBook format great as I can take it with me on my iPad plus can easily search, which would not be available with just a printed book. Given the high cost of publishing, especially for a niche product, I’m glad the authors selected this format — had the option just been a printed book, the cost may not have justified the delivery mechanism. It’s also easy to just print out a few pages if I want it for review while I’m learning the software.

The material is very thorough and well written with many examples to help make learning the software more clear. The authors also do an excellent job of explaining the thinking behind the options making the overall understanding better.

The Photographer’s Guide to HDR Efex Pro is superb and is a great example of what eBooks should be like.

This review is from: The Photographer’s Guide to HDR Efex Pro by Jason P. Odell and Tony Sweet (Tutorial eBook – PDF files on CD-ROM – for HDR Efex Nik Software) (DVD-ROM)

These days post processing is almost as important as taking the shot itself and while there are many resources available for products like Photoshop or Lightroom, when it comes to more specialist products such as those from the excellent Nik Software, the choice is more limited.

Thankfully Jason Odell, one of those behind the Nikonians photography podcast “the image doctors” has produced a number of excellent ebooks and video guides to Nik software. His latest publication guides the reader through the mysteries of HDR using Nik’s HDR efex pro package.

A collaboration with photographer Tony Sweet, this book is clearly written in an easy to follow style and is illustrated with some stunning shots. As if that were not enough the authors have produced a series of pre-sets for a variety of different scenarios. I now use these exclusively and pretty much ignore those that came with the software itself. These alone are an invaluable aid.

The one slight downside with this particular ebook, and that of the more recent books by Mr Odell, is that they do not open on some ebook readers. I have tried and failed to get them to load on models from both Sony and Iriver. Earlier books in the series do work, I have discussed this with the author and he is as mystified as I am since he has not changed the way he produces the PDFs. However this is a minor quibble and in any event the best way to view these is in full colour so I content myself with reading it on my computer screen. If I am travelling I can read them on my android phone – but a phone screen is far from ideal for book reading.

All in all, this is an indispensable guide to an excellent bit of software. Highly recommended as are the author’s other teaching resources (books and videos).

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